The Best Tampons for Beginners

Which Tampons Are the Best For Beginners?

Whether you’re just starting your period or making the switch from pads, choosing the right tampon can make all the difference. Look for one that’s comfy, has a sleek applicator, and offers plenty of absorbency.

First-timers, don’t be afraid to use a few before you find the perfect match. Also, a quick note: using tampons doesn’t break your hymen or take away your virginity!

Tampax Radiant Plastic Tampons

Unlike pads, which absorb your period flow once it leaves your body, tampons are tiny devices that fit inside your vagina and expand to absorb fluid. Depending on the type, they can have plastic or cardboard applicators, which you insert using your fingers, or no applicator at all. The best tampons for beginners are those with a smooth applicator and rounded tip to make insertion comfortable and easy.

In addition to a sleek, soft applicator, the best tampons for beginners are made with natural materials, like cotton and are free of dyes, perfume, and latex. They also come in different absorbencies so you can find the right one for your unique flow.

For example, if you have a lighter flow, try Tampax Pocket Radiant compact tampons. They have a LeakGuard braid that helps stop leaks before they happen, and they’re free of BPA, elemental chlorine bleaching, and dyes. If you want to go even greener, try the organic tampon by Cora, which has a sleek plant-based applicator and offers 360-degree leak protection.

Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons

If you’re a newbie, stick with the lowest absorbency you can comfortably use and change it every 4-6 hours. Our panel rated these tampons highly because they are super comfortable and have a plastic applicator that’s quiet when you open it (a common complaint among tampon testers).

These tampons are simple and reliable, with trusted 360 degree protection that shapes to your body for a barrier against leaks. Featuring a comfort shape plastic applicator that’s free from fragrance, colors, and dyes, this tampon is made with purified fibers washed up to five times and woven together.

To insert, wash your hands and find a comfortable position to reach the vaginal opening. Hold the finger grip and insert the rounded tip into your vagina until you feel the strings. Then, relax your muscles and pull it out. Make sure to remove the string and place it in a proper waste container. You can also try a no-applicator style like this one if you prefer to produce less waste or don’t want an applicator at all.

Rael Tampons

According to the National Women’s Health Network (NWHN), regular tampons are made with cotton that is typically grown using pesticides and combined with rayon and other non-organic materials. Organic tampons such as those from Cora are made with only one ingredient: organic cotton. They are free of chlorine, dyes, fragrance, BPA, and Rayon, among other things. The core, cover, withdrawal string and applicator are all organic cotton, too.

Cora also offers subscription options that allow you to receive tampons every month. Their website says they use a “Fearless Fit Design” to guarantee leak protection, and you can adjust the frequency of your delivery depending on how long your cycle is.

Cora aims to bring “nature and nurture” together by prioritizing healthy organic materials in their period products. Their product lineup includes organic pads, liners and tampons, as well as period underwear, menstrual cups and body wash. The company was founded on the principle that everyone deserves to live with confidence during their period.

Tampax Lite Tampons

If you’re a newbie to tampons, opt for one with a slim and smooth applicator that will make it easier to insert. Look for a light absorbency size (often labeled as regular, light, or junior) to minimize the risk of TSS and get a feel for what you’re doing.

Then, test out different shapes. Some tampons unfold side to side, some unfold 360o around, and others expand. Our testers preferred tampons with plastic applicators, though those with cardboard or no-applicator styles can be just as easy to use.

If you’re active, try a sport tampon style like these from Playtex. These have a leak-guard protection on the string and are designed to stay put while you’re sweating, swimming, or playing sports. They also come in a convenient travel-size pack to keep in your bag for emergencies. And best of all, they’re BPA-free.

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