Throughout my teens and twenties I put up with hardcore period pains, bloating, thrush, cystitis, headaches, and feeling like I couldn’t get off the sofa for a week. I didn’t question it because all my friends had similar complaints. 

So around my period I gorged on giant, colossal chocolate bars washed down with boxed wine and Camel Lights, all because I couldn’t be bothered to feel crappy anymore. 

Then my thirties hit and trying to get pregnant meant an enforced abstinence, which I actually enjoyed. I started listening to my body, noting down what worked and what didn’t. I founded DAME to find the best products and combinations for those problems that you shouldn’t be having.

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The hormonal changes that occur in your body are complex. To simplify it, everything is pretty steady in the first couple of weeks and then things go batsh*t crazy.
Oestrogen during period graph
Increasingly studies are showing that links have been made between PMS and deficiencies in magnesium and other vital vitamins and nutrients. This is why we have sourced the best products on the market for you, so you can start on your journey to a better month.
There are various reasons for women going cray cray and we stress that NOT EVERY WOMAN IS THE SAME so please always get checked out by your doctor.

Tell us what period you have and find out how we can help.

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